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Hello! We would like to invite you to an inspiring and empowering online and onsite event in the IT industry – Conference!

This is already the 3rd edition of the event and this year’s theme is: HERitage in Tech

Get inspired, take action, and take control of your (professional) life! Conference is crafted for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

We want to warm welcome:

Women across various backgrounds, celebrating their journey in technology

Experts & tech leaders shaping the future of the industry

Beyond senior professionals seeking proactive approaches to career advancement

Tech enthusiasts eager to explore the latest trends and innovations

Entrepreneurs driving innovation and impact in the tech landscape

Individuals of any gender passionate about contributing to and benefiting from the tech community

End especially, whose reunion and rebonding might feel stressful

Returning professionals overcoming challenges of career breaks. Whether it is returning to the IT workforce after maternity leave and other life circumstances, we want to reassure you are safe here, and we do our best to provide guidance and strategies for your reintegration and professional re-establishment.

We offer you a day brimming in lecturers on 2 stages, workshops (onsite -only, sorry!), mentoring sessions, and networking, to  

Explore Empowering Career Journeys while unveiling impactful career journeys, extracting essential insights and actionable takeaways.

Rise Beyond Seniority by exploring proactive approaches to career advancement and discussing the importance of mentorship in career progression.

Resume Career Post Career Breaks as we address the challenges of returning to the IT workforce after career gaps such as maternity leave and other life circumstances, providing guidance and strategies for reintegration and professional re-establishment.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Your professional journey starts at your fingertips! 

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